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Faq's of Structural Integration:

What are the benefits of Structural Integration?
The results consistently bring relief from pain, stiffness and chronic stress; improved flexibility; fluid movement.

Does Structural Integration last?
Yes, follow-up photographs and measurements of clients, taken years later, show that changes were still present and often improved.
Keep in mind, however, that as life changes, bodies change. Life and health events may necessitate additional work.

What do I wear?
Comfortable underwear, as we will work with your underwear on, often standing and walking during a session. Women are welcome to wear bra or camisole and panties. Men, please wear stretchy underwear.

How much pressure will you apply?
The goal is to work on the layer needing to be released, there will be times it may be surface and times it may be deeper; but always within your comfort zone.

How long is each session?
Each session has it's own rhythm, some may be longer than others, though usually approximately 90 minutes.

How long between sessions is best?
This depends on you. Once a week for the ten series is optimal, though many people often have two sessions a month.


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